Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Business

Digital marketing for small businesses seems to be a piece of cake, but it’s simply not.

For startups, making their way in a market that’s already saturated is quite challenging. Surprisingly, there’s always a gap that exists in the market and it’s the main reason why we see many small businesses growing into industrial giants and eventually becoming market leaders.

The first and the most exciting milestone is to get the first customer in the door, and in order to do that, small companies can’t rely on traditional advertising channels. They must learn the dynamics of digital marketing and sail their business-boat in the right direction.

Digital marketing does not only include Social Media Marketing (SMM), but it’s an umbrella-term that encompasses Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Google Ads, Email Marketing, Content MarketingPay-Per-Click, Affiliate Marketing, and many other forms of marketing.

So, how does digital marketing for small businesses help in building a brand? Let’s find out.

Desired vs Actual Brand Image

Building a brand name that is recognized by the customers is a goal that every entrepreneur dreams of. Marketers of MNCs know how to position their brands in the market because they have a deep understanding of their brand personality.

Being a marketing manager of a small business, one must set a specific brand personality around which all of its marketing strategies will revolve. The automobile industry could be the best example to understand this.

Mercedes-Benz is perceived as a ‘luxury brand’ and Honda, on the other hand, is considered to be the ‘best value brand’. The marketers of both the companies know how their brand is being perceived in the market. So, they devise strategies accordingly.

Now, for startup companies, it’s very important for the marketers to know what the brand actually is and how they want it to be perceived in the market. The biggest challenge arises when the desired brand image in the minds of the marketers is different from the actual brand image in the minds of the customers.

Here at Yalla Studio, we have an in-house team of professional marketers who know how to develop custom strategies that represent your brand’s unique voice, tone, and style. Moreover, our team understands market trends and how to position your website, content, and marketing campaigns to give potential customers the fullest image of your brand in order to maximize conversions and grow your audience.

Devise Strategies with Effective Customer Insights

Digital marketing tools like, social media and Google Ads come with advanced tools that help marketers understand the ups and downs of the market.

These tools not only help them get a deeper understanding of customer insights, but they also create effective forecasts based on market trends and a big pile of data.

 Whether it’s about searching for a better keyword or boosting a post on Facebook, these tools are so advanced that they will let your business standout in the market if you use them strategically. 

If you find your business is at a stage where it needs market expansion, then you must come up with a relevant strategy and pick the tools that will help you grow in different markets. These strategies might include: cost-leadership strategy, market penetration, product expansion, and many more.

Whatever the strategy you’re going with, you must understand your target audience which can effectively be done using digital marketing tactics. Devise a strategy, select a channel to execute it, set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), execute the strategy, and monitor it constantly.

Throughout the process of devising a strategy to its implementation, you’ll need digital marketing tools to make it successful.

Build a Personal Relationship

Communication is a two-way process and it’s key when it comes to building a relationship with your customers. We’re not in an era where businesses are considered distant and impersonal. With the advancements in social media and the internet as a whole, people now expect businesses to communicate like people. Businesses are expected to have a personality, tone, vision, mission, and goals. 

This is the reason why many businesses invest in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. These advanced tools help businesses to effectively manage customer service and relationships. Similarly, live-chat support is considered especially useful since it tells customers that the business is trustworthy and available. Even social media accounts of big companies actively run creative competitions that keep their customers engaged with the brand.

Know Your Competitors

Every single business is using online platforms these days to get recognized by the world and expand their operations. Small businesses can have an idea of how to strategize by doing research, free of cost, about the competitors in the industry they’re doing business.

 Getting to know your competitors is the key to becoming successful in your market. In marketing, you need to focus in on your brand’s Point of Parity and Point of Difference and you can only do that by knowing your competitors.

 Learn the business operations of your competitors and find possible market gaps. Try to fill those gaps with creative strategies that will attract potential customers towards your brand.

Let Customers Approach You

Traditionally, companies have favored push strategies in which a sales force was deployed in the market to physically reach out to customers for direct sales. Nowadays, such strategies rarely work, and customers think that there’s some kind of catch in such physical presentations by the sales force.

Instead, companies today should be more interested in using pull strategies. With such strategies, customers who are actually interested in a product or service reach out to a company via their website or social media accounts.

The interface of a website should be user-friendly so that customers don’t have to spend time figuring out where to place an order or to contact customer support.

Do More by Spending Less

Old advertising channels, like TV or Radio were quite expensive and perhaps unsurprisingly, there was no way to get the customer feedback afterwards.

When it comes to digital marketing, things are quite different. Companies can easily target a global audience by spending nearly the same amount. A business can target both local and global clients with a one-time investment.

Social media ads are quite inexpensive compared to traditional advertising channels which lets companies do more and spend less.

Digital marketing for small businesses is crucial and it’s a tool that startups and enterprises alike must learn to use in the smartest way possible for their industry. It can bring the growth and success you’re seeking for your business. If you’re looking for a place to start, or you’re an established business wanting to take their marketing efforts to the next level, reach out to us here at Yalla Studio and we can discuss tailored strategies for your business.

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