How To Get Your Instagram Reels To Go Viral

A couple of years ago, Instagram introduced the ‘Reels’ feature on its app that helped thousands of creators gain millions of followers by posting reels that were hardly a minute long. According to statistics, Instagram reels has now become the fastest-growing feature of the app across the world.

You might have seen random people blow up on Instagram just because their reels went viral. On the other side, there are numerous examples of creators creating the most entertaining reels but with a much smaller amount of views. You must be thinking how Instagram’s algorithm works when it comes to reels. Well, it’s a bit different from the other features on Instagram. It can make it tricky for micro-influencers to grow their account and bring traffic to it.

If you’re a content creator or planning to become one and wondering how you can stand out among thousands of other creators creating tough competition every day, we are about to tell you how to make Instagram reels go viral. Using digital marketing strategies, you can easily make your Instagram reels go viral with these simple tricks.

Select a Niche

Choosing a niche for your Instagram reels can do you a lot of favor in the longer run. You will have built an audience that will never unfollow you because they are interested in the content you post. For example, you can choose between comedy, health and wellness, technology, sports and dance. These are just some of the most popular niches on Instagram right now.

Create Engaging Content

The only reason people open Instagram is so they can find content that entertains them. You have to create content that appeals to your audience. But the problem here is that you never know what could blow up.

The key to unlocking your audience is being authentic and putting your true self out there. You can’t fake yourself for more than ten or twenty reels or stories. If you make your Instagram reels to a point where people can relate to your personality and find things in common with you, you will gain a positive audience. 

Also, try to stay within the limits of your niche. Remember that you have an audience that likes what you do. Since it’s always good to experiment with new things, ask your followers if they want to see something new or if should you keep making the same type of content.

Use Trending Music

You ever find yourself singing a song you heard repeatedly in an Instagram reel and now you can’t get it out of your head? This is what we call trending music. Using trending music in your Instagram reel is advantageous in two ways: It’s a trend so obviously everybody is going to like it and rewatch it, and also because Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes reels that use trending music.

To know which music is trending, you can get help from Tiktok which still stands at the top for creating trends. Scroll through your ‘For You page’ and look for the sound that is used repeatedly in the videos. Click on that sound button and it will lead you to a page where you can see how many times the song has been used in the videos. If it’s somewhere between 30,000 to 100,000 or more, it means it has already become a trend and is perfect to be used in your Instagram reels.

Upload Consistently

Consistency is the key! Instagram recommends posting 5 to 7 reels per week. You have to give a lot of time to making engaging reels especially until your first 100,000 followers. You can either post every day or on alternate days to keep the viewers glued to your reels.

Initiate a Conversation with Your Audience

People love when they can engage with a creator and very often they end up following them. They want to be heard and if your reel can initiate a dialogue, it’s definitely going to engage a lot of people. The best way to do that is through captions. Ask questions in your captions that could start a conversation in the comments. Keep your captions strong and you will notice a huge difference in your engagement.

Upload in High-Quality

Instagram deprioritizes reels that are not in great quality or have a watermark on them. After shooting the video in high quality, you have to take a few steps to upload the video in high-quality.

●  The first one is modifying your settings. Go to your Instagram account’s SettingsAccountData Usage and then enable ‘High Quality Uploads’ and disable the ‘Use Less Cellular Data’ option.

●  Check your internet speed. If it’s not good then Instagram will reduce the quality of your video in order to upload it faster.

Add Post to Your Story

Every time somebody refreshes their Instagram home page, they get new reels which can make your reel get pushed down and your followers might never find them. To avoid that, share your own reel to your story and mention that you’ve posted a new reel so your followers can find and watch it easily.

Speaking of stories, you can put a poll on your story asking people if they want to watch more videos like this and let them tell you what they want to see on your account.

Use Trending Hashtags

One of the best ways to get more attention on your Instagram reels is by using trending hashtags. Unlike Instagram posts where you can use 30 hashtags, hashtags in reels are limited.

There are a few things to consider in that regard.

●  Keep the hashtags simple but don’t use spam hashtags.

●  Put the hashtags in the description.

●  Use sponsored hashtags. Check the amount of times the hashtag has been used before using it.

Hire a Digital Marketing Company

So far, we have covered all the tips and tricks required to go viral with Instagram reels. But it’s still not that easy – these tips are going to help you a lot for sure but if your goal is getting followers in the millions, you will require something extra. You need to have the services of a digital marketing company to help you become visible on Instagram and get paid using digital marketing strategies.

How can a digital marketing company really help you go viral with Instagram reels? It creates and implements a strategic plan to bring traffic to your Instagram account. To put it lightly, you will basically have an expert looking after your social media account and managing everything that’s required to build an audience. So, hiring a skilled digital marketing company will help you go a long way in your social media journey.

This is where Yalla Studio steps in. Whether you are a creator trying to engage your audience or a brand hoping to convert your followers into customers, Yalla Studio covers all your digital marketing needs. Partner with us to utilize only the most effective strategies for your brand, planned by our digital marketing experts, and go viral with Instagram reels.

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