Instagram Ads Best Practices for Successful Campaigns

Digital marketing experts have found that an average person sees five thousand ads per day. In order to pace up with the perfect competition out there in the market, it’s essential to learn the best tips and tricks for your business to grow.

If your advertising goal is to create effective, high converting, and profitable Instagram ads, you just need to follow up with its algorithms, but the problem is that it keeps on changing.

If your ad objectives are based on the old-fashioned and traditional Instagram advertising techniques, or you are leaving it up to the Instagram conversion rate feature, it doesn’t matter how smart, creative or funny your Instagram ads are. They aren’t going to bring any growth to your business.

Our team of experts at Yalla Studio has researched all the Instagram image ad strategies, compared the results, and rated them on their success rate. We found some excellent practices for Instagram image ads to target the audience effectively.

Always Test Ad Before its Live

They say, “Practice makes everything perfect,” and the same applies to your Instagram ads. Billions of users don’t access Instagram with the same device, but with different ones, and most with smartphones. Before your Instagram ads go live, test out the things.

Double-check its format, the fonts you chose, font color, ad color scheme, and everything you want your customer to perceive about your business through the ad.

Create an outline of the ad, incorporate the essence of your brand, and before it goes live, match it with the ad and the story you want to tell your potential buyers.

Making your Instagram image ad responsive t will make your brand stand firm with the competitors in the marketing, and hence your brand will undoubtedly get recognition.

Master the Formatting

In order to make your Image ad stand out in the users’ feed, it’s crucial your image ad must show up on the screen appropriately to distract the users completely.

When it comes to Instagram image ads, formatting plays a vital role in polishing your image ad. Instagram supports [1:1] image formatting for feed ads, whether carousels or collections.

Similarly, the Instagram stories’ interface is vertical. Running an ad with a horizontal image won’t make it stand out among the content users consume across Instagram stories.

Before creating an Instagram image ad, ensure the images you want to use will fit appropriately on Instagram ad placements.

Focus on the Visuals

Instagram is a photo-sharing app, and an image with attractive visuals will translate into organic traffic for your marketing objectives. Though good descriptions with punchy captions complete your ad story, the visuals are the main focus of the Instagrammers.

Your image ad should stand out in the feed, with bright colors and great visuals that serve as a distraction for the users. It doesn’t mean you need to hire a photographer, but keeping things in mind while creating the ad will narrow your path toward potential customers.

Moreover, pursue a specific color scheme throughout your ad promotion to make it recognizable to your potential buyers.

Follow up the Consistency

Branding your business requires consistency throughout its visual representation. And, when it comes to the Instagram image ads, follow up the same strategy in order to make it recognizable to your customers.

Incorporate the brand’s motto and essence throughout your Instagram ads. Add your business logo, use the same font style throughout your ad campaigns, and appropriate color tones according to your brand’s guidelines.

Your Instagram ads incorporated with the essence of your brand’s visual elements will make it recognizable to the potential buyers on Instagram. We at Yalla Studio know how to do effective Instagram Image advertising to set your business up for success.

Ads that Tell Your Story

One of the best tips to strengthen your brand image is telling the story or a narrative through your brand’s promotions and ads. Though the videos are the perfect medium for a storyline. But, Instagram’s unique features have made it possible.

Even your ad with a single image should have a strong focal point, so the viewer can recognize it or know it in milliseconds, as there’s very little time to gain audience attention. However, you can use the carousels and photo collections in your ad placements to add multiple ad images and create an ad that explains a story.

Adding products’ images doesn’t make them look attractive to the users. Add the lifestyle imagery to your ads to make the products outperform in ads. People get inspired by looking at people using certain products and tend to relate their stories with them.

Get Creative

Sometimes the best way to compete in the market is to do unconventional things. In order to attract the public’s attention, being creative is the best option. It doesn’t only help your band catch attention but also makes your brand stand out in the market.

Being thoughtful with your Instagram ads will build trust between the potential buyers and the brand, as it would make them think your brand cares about what you present.

Create Variations in Ad Placement

Creating attractive ads with perfect visuals, appropriate formatting, and immersive story lining is a half job, meanwhile, perfect ad placement will complete your practical and strategic approach for Instagram image ads.

Don’t spend all your money on one ad placement. Create variations in your ad placement and analyze which ads outperformed and paid you off by fulfilling your marketing objectives. You can post your image ads on Instagram stories, explore, and feed.

So, for instance, if you create and post an ad campaign in the explore and feed section. Let it show you its full potential, then analyze and compare their results which one outperformed. Similarly, keep changing your ad placements and know what works best for your business to grow.

Don’t overlay

As mentioned above, the perfect and attractive visuals are everything on Instagram. However, a short description encourages the viewers and completes the story you want to tell.

Overlaying the visual with the texts will negatively impact your brand’s image. Don’t just skip the texts that explain the whole story, but just keep it minimal, punchy, and subtle.

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