Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2022

For startups, identifying current digital marketing trends for 2022 is quite a challenging task since there are a lot of voices and quite frankly, a wide variety of strategies and channels to focus on.

Just like any other medium of marketing communications, digital marketing also experiences changes in its trends and best practices over the years and even months. Digital marketing is a broader term for the tools, channels, and strategies that marketers use to target a wider audience to sell their offerings, but the dynamics of digital marketing never remain constant.

In today’s world, no business can experience significant growth until it sets the traditional marketing strategies aside and pursue contemporary methods. Our team at Yalla Studio has researched the marketing strategies of different MNCs and have compared them with the rate of their success and profitability.

We’ve found some amazing results and present to you the Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends of 2022. Utilize these cutting edge tips and tricks to keep your brand growing and connecting with your customer base in new and innovative ways.

1. TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels

Originally started by Vine, but perfected by TikTok, short and curated videos have truly shifted the way digital marketing is strategized. Marketers are focusing on targeting customers using fast-paced content that social media users are consuming at unprecedented rates. 

Soon after TikTok was adopted en masse, Instagram launched Reels and YouTube caught up with its own Shorts in order to take advantage of this new aspect of social media which produced incredibly high rates of organic traffic for creators and advertisers.

 For marketers, learning to use these new tools is incredibly important because they not only target a massive audience, but the medium is intuitive by nature. People don’t usually prefer to watch a 3 minute long video with a slow intro and drawn out messages, rather, short and precise content is what generates engagement.

With short videos, it’s quite convenient for marketers to design strategies for viral marketing. Social media managers can create the content that users actually care about and jump into the world of viral marketing.


2. Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers target a specific audience with similar interests and hold the position of an opinion leader. In marketing, an opinion leader is the one who has expert-level knowledge about a particular industry and influences the decisions of others.

Direct marketing has come a long way. You don’t have to hire a giant sales force. Instead, you can partner up with a social media influencer who can communicate your product to your target audience.

People not only trust these influencers but also respond to their call to actions. For instance, Lyft – a popular rideshare service – has grown exponentially just because of the influencer marketing they pursue. The brand was launched in 2018 and it took just a few months for the brand to achieve its lofty initial goals.

 However, some social media celebrities could charge you a hefty amount. Instead, you can do a little research to find micro-influencers and team up with the one who fits best with your brand personality and has a dedicated and engaged following.

3. The Metaverse

The Metaverse is going to be a virtual world with AR and VR technologies, allowing users to get virtually connected in a space where they can interact and have fun. It’s a great opportunity for companies to invest in marketing strategies solely focused on the Metaverse.

 For example, Gucci has invested in creating outfits for avatars in the Metaverse that users can buy in-world. For businesses who can benefit from taking advantage of cutting edge digital spaces such as the Metaverse, the returns from getting involved at such an early stage are huge.


4. Get Fresh Customer Insights

There are hundreds of analytical tools available in the market right now, Facebook and Google Ads are just some popular examples. The big data that these tools collect is used to predict the trends that are highly beneficial for marketers to grow the business successfully.

Getting fresh and updated customer insights not only help you improve your strategies, but it also keeps you on track and it saves the cost of trial and error. Using advanced analytical tools to predict demand and engagement can help businesses perform efficiently and gain a competitive advantage in their respective industries.

5. NFTs and Marketing

Non-Fungible Tokens are a new way of accessing your customer base. The internet world is going in a direction where things are traceable, ownable, and priceable, and using NFTs is a great way to build an entire market around your brand and your content. 

New businesses, such as Norwegian Prima Class, are breaking ground using NFTs to celebrate the launch of their brands, and consider it to be the technology of the future.


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